The courses were developed by the organizers of the SalonWeek Dubai 2023 conference together with beauty business experts.
Training + A good way to get in the mood for work and business
from the Owners of the largest chains and vetted experts.
for beauty salon owners, managers and administrators
relevant topics
powerful experts
use the most modern technology
ready-made documents, templates for quick implementation
Курсы разработаны организаторами форума Российская неделя салонного бизнеса Salonweek 2022 совместно с экспертами бьюти-бизнеса.
Difficult times are not about you!
You are ready to move forward, adopt international experience and increase business revenues!

Our salon business courses for you if:

Курсы для владельцев салонов красоты
You find new ideas and opportunities to scale + adopt practical experience of salon owners from other countries and improve the lagging areas in your business by what works now. (Relevance Spring 2023)

Put your knowledge into practice! We give all the necessary tools: tables, checklists, templates of ready-made documents and much more.

What do you get as a result?

- Adopt approaches and technologies of owners from other countries
- Close the holes that have appeared.
- See points of growth.
- Make a clear plan for reaching new heights.
- Become part of a community in the beauty industry.
You have your own salon
Обучение открытию салона красоты
Adopt the practical experience of salon owners from other countries and go towards your goal.

Shorten the way to a successful business, taking advantage of the invaluable experience of successful colleagues.

Our courses will help you avoid the typical mistakes that 99% of aspiring entrepreneurs make.

What do you get as a result?

- A clear plan for building a business from scratch.
- The resources you save that are better invested in growing your business.
- Strong community support - communicate, share experiences and implement joint projects!
You want to open your own salon
Обучение салонному бизнесу
You find new ideas + you get the opportunity to identify the lagging areas in the business and improve the efficiency of the salon.

You help the owner to increase the company's profit - and therefore increase your own income!

What do you get as a result?

- Adopt the approaches and technologies of owners from other countries.
- You will become a specialist, for whom employers will fight for.
- The long-awaited promotion.
- The opportunity to use your new knowledge to start your own business.
You work in a salon
Competent management and debugging of all work processes: from interaction with staff and automation to attracting customers and administration of your beauty salon.
What you will learn:

Salon management
Personnel, management, automation, documentation
Salon promotion
From approach to promotion and sales in a beauty salon
Who's sharing their experience?
Only the top owners and managers of the beauty business, as well as recognized beauty experts.
Laura Gheorghe

Founder & Owner of The First beauty area, 14 years of experience in hair industry, colorist/balayage expert. Trainer in the education team of the International brand Matrix.

Galina Spierling

Owner Galina's Hair and Beauty Salon Dubai. General Manager at BPS parpharmacueticals and beauty supplies. Director at Hair and nails Championship Dubai at PBGCC. Business development consultant for Madi International Middle east.

Aisha Jagieva

Founder of LOTUS LASH SCHOOL International School and Owner lash Studio. Blogger-Expert and expert on Tik Tok and Reels (getting millions of views on expert content in the Lash industry).

Elena Alexeyuk
Founder of the brand Sointera - 2 own salons and others by franchise. At the moment the team in her own salons is 97 people. Founder of the academy for hairdressers and heads of beauty salons.
Danil Simonov

CEO of performance marketing agency Haunds

Ema Bejenaru
Founder and owner of the Ema Bejenary salon and the academy.
Princess Dyana Shiffaire

Product formulator, manufacturer. Ex L’Oréal Product Administrator & Hair Science. Founder Papparazzy, Partner Research & Development Pvt LTD.

Imen Latrous

Founder of a chain of beauty salons - FIVE SENSES SPA.

Sana Choyakh

Marketing expert and UN Women mentor. Managing Director of Flair & Vision Consultancy. Regional sales at Lutron.

Yara Madi

Education development manager & digital marketing manager of madi International. Masters degree in digital marketing & management at IE University Madrid. Double concentration of information systems & marketing at American university of Beirut.

Anna Malenkina

Founder & CEO of MALLYNA Lash & Brow salon chain.

Елена Мотчаная
Management experience - 17 years Co-owner of the MOTCHANY chain of beauty salons.
Angela Thomas
Mentor and business coach with 23 years of experience in the beauty industry. Owner of the BeautyBIZZ beauty school in Germany and Angel success consulting in Dubai. Author of the book 1x1 at BeautyBIZZ. Invented a mentoring program for spas and beauty salons.
Maja Kiprovska

Founder and CEO of ML Beauty Academy, FLEEK Beauty and Business Magazine. Founder of ML PRO Professional products by Maja Kiprovska.

Sanskriti Sanjeev
Founder of a Personalised Beauty Box company, called HAUL IN ONE. Professional makeup artist.
Maria Cossentino

Owner of beauty salon and eyelash extensions school in Greece. Developed her own technique for lash extensions.

Inna Ilyina

Founder and owner of the WHITE FOX chain of premium beauty salons.

Roman Tyrsin

Certified international business trainer, ICTA coach, expert in beauty business service.

Anastasia Machero

Co-owner of the BeautyKafedra.

Patimat Muslimova

Owner of the Lounge Lashes studio chain. 7 years in the beauty industry.

Ekaterina Akhmetshina

Founder and owner of Serebro manicure studio chain.
Course fees
Increasing your salon profits by even 5% is a lot! Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and tools to increase your profits by 20-200%, depending on your current situation.
— 10 lectures;
— More than 8 hours of videos;
— Presentations to video materials;
Documents for implementation;
Learning Assistant;
— Electronic certificate.
Beauty salon management course. Includes:
— 19 lectures;
— More than 15 hours of videos;
— Presentations to video materials;
Documents for implementation;
Learning Assistant;
— Electronic certificate.
Includes two courses - Management and Promotion
Salon owner
— 9 lectures;
— More than 7 hours of videos;
— Presentations to video materials;
Documents for implementation;
Learning Assistant;
— Electronic certificate.
A course on promotion and sales. Includes:
After payment you will receive instructions, and when you complete the course we will send you an electronic certificate confirming it.

Don't miss your chance to build one of the best beauty salons in the industry!
You can pay by any available method - credit cards VISA, MASCTERCARD
You don't have to install anything, everything comes to you in WhatsApp or Telegram. Very convenient and hard to miss.
Game Form: Perform tasks immediately on your salon and get results instantly
Different complexity of tasks.
A system for the busy: The training takes into account the fact that you already have a lot of tasks. You can study in breaks, on the go, wherever you want.
We specifically plugged in artificial intelligence so that you would be able to pass and implement everything for sure. Pass rate: 95% of participants, unlike traditional online training, where the pass rate is 30-45%.
If you buy for your team, the report on the passage is for you.
Learning Assistant
After payment, we will connect you to the learning assistant system: within a few days you will receive 2 tasks for each of the topics of the purchased courses to reinforce the material you have learned. Interaction with the assistant will be via WhatsApp.
  • Checklist: What a salon needs to do make a master dream to develop with it
  • Checklist: The money making front desk
  • Book: How to open a beauty salon
  • Additional material: Vision, mission and value
  • Additional material: How can you differentiate yourself from other salons?
  • Additional material: The formula for success
  • Impactful trends in attracting new clients
  • INSTAGRAM STRATEGY how to enlarge a comunity that will reflect in your business growth
  • Checklist: How to open a beauty salon with a small budget?
  • 5 Steps to Brands Awareness & Salon Revenue Generation
  • A unified story through the 5 senses
  • Scheme of building an advertising department
  • Product line
  • Master adaptation sheet
  • Checklist of questions for admin interview

Documents for implementation

  • System of penalties and incentives - an example
  • Sample survey for a newcomer (midway through the probation period)
  • Sample announcement seeking a specialist - cosmetologist
  • Sample announcement seeking a specialist - hairdresser
  • Questionnaire for a dermatocosmetologist
  • Questionnaire for a hairdresser
  • Questionnaire for an administrator
  • Questionnaire for cosmetologist esthetician
  • Questionnaire for the master massage therapist
  • Questionnaire for the master of nail service
  • Manicurist and pedicurist job description (option 2)
  • Massage therapist job description
  • Job candidate questionnaire for the position of administrator
  • Job description for a hairdresser
  • Job description of a cosmetology nurse
  • Job description of the administrator of a beauty salon (option 2)
  • Job description of the manager of a beauty salon
  • Job description of the nail service master
  • Example survey at the end of the probationary period
  • Example of a job ad for a hairdresser
  • Dermo-cosmetologist job description
  • Checklist Administrator Control
  • Checklist Administrator + Hairdresser
  • Check list with the results of the administrator's work
  • An example of a job ad for a cosmetologist
  • Administrator's job description
  • Favorite Customer Form
  • Customer diagnostic card for a hairdresser - compatibility mode
  • An evaluation form for service satisfaction
  • Admin script for phone sales
  • Administrator's checklist (option 2)
  • Administrator's checklist
  • Administrator's report
  • Client card activation form
  • Code of communication with the customer
  • Daily administrator's report
  • Feedback form
  • Functional duties of the administrator
  • How to communicate in messengers
  • Manager's checklist
  • Outgoing call script
  • Rules of work of the administrator in conflict situations
  • Script for the master of additional sales
  • Scripts of communication with the client
  • The administrator's working day in the salon
  • Time management of the administrator
  • Universal checklist for conducting a mystery shopping audit
  • Step-by-step PR-plan for the promotion of a beauty salon
  • Guide Selling packaging for your brand
  • Checklist Working with a blogger
  • Checklist Channels of interaction
  • Checklist for starting a new procedure
  • Checklist Marketing Tools
Forum participants and speakers shared their impressions.
SalonWeek Dubai 2023 reviews
SalonWeek Dubai 2023 reviews
Forum participants and speakers shared their impressions.
SalonWeek Dubai 2023 reviews
Forum participants and speakers shared their impressions.
Reviews of conference participants and speakers
SalonWeek Dubai 2023 reviews
SalonWeek Dubai 2023 reviews
Reviews of conference participants and speakers
SalonWeek Dubai 2023 reviews
Reviews of conference participants and speakers
Conference participants share their impressions.
Feedback from the participants
Conference participants share their impressions.
Feedback from the participants
Conference participants share their impressions.
Feedback from the participants
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