Dubai SalonWeek

Dubai SalonWeek

Conference on the development of beauty salons in 2024

November 2024 | Dubai
Offer for the Conference speakers

Terms for speakers and salon business experts

If you have successful experience in developing a beauty business, interesting cases on promotion, process automation or staff training in beauty salons with real figures, you would be very welcome!
But there are a few conditions:
  • 1
    Speech in English + Experience
    You must have real experience in the salon business. It would be great if you have experience in the international market.
  • 2
    Figures, cases, secrets of success
    Your presentation should include real successful cases from the salon business with figures, instructions and examples.
  • 3
    No advertising
    No advertising is allowed during the performance. Our goal is to have relevant content. The audience is wide and selected, they are executives of chains and well-known salons from all over the world. They will understand what they can approach you with. And, by the way, they actively do so if the speaker has an interesting and useful presentation.
  • 4
    Preparing additional materials
    You need to prepare additional materials (checklists, instructions, useful videos, etc.) that will help Forum participants implement what you talk about as quickly and effectively as possible.

What does a speaker get?

  • International recognition
    There will be participants from 20+ countries at the Forum.
    Owners of local, International chains, active and developing players.
  • Status
    Status of an international expert in the beauty industry.
    Recognition and invitations to speak all over the world.
  • Advertising and PR opportunities
    A native advertising campaign with a million-dollar reach.
  • New partners and clients
    Networking with over 300 potential partners and clients from all over the world.
    Active exchange of experience.
  • Speaker announcement on the main page of the Conference.

    Information about you will be seen by thousands of site visitors: business owners and managers who are interested in the conference.
  • Creating of video intros and video invitations

    From the speaker - just provide video material. We will create and announce everything ourselves.
  • Feedback and recommendations for performances

    The manager is always in touch and will answer all questions, as well as give recommendations on how to properly format your speech so that it is as effective as possible.
  • Tickets for colleagues and team

    We give each speaker one additional BASIC ticket + 4 additional tickets if the conditions for information support are met and there are available seats.

How to become our speaker?

Write to us
Write us on WhatsApp at the link: WhatsApp and select the speaker section.
We will review your application and contact you.
Write on WhatsApp

and learn all about the conditions for speakers

Write on WhatsApp
How do we decide on speakers?
  • You submit an application
  • We agree with you the topic of the speech (must not be the same as previous years' topics)
  • The topic and key points take part in the selection of the organizing team
  • After voting we approve the program and speakers
  • You prepare your presentation (Deadline is already 26.04)
Instructions and recommendations
On qualitative preparation of the speaker for the presentation
Recommendations for selecting a topic and preparing a key points:
  1. While preparing key pointst, we recommend to keep in mind several parameters. You should have at least 5 key points.
  2. Key points should NOT be general, this means that for example there can be no key points as MARKETING SALONS. These are two very general words. From which it is not clear what the key point is and what it will be about.
  3. Key points should not be wide. The task is to take 1 narrow topic and maximize it to break it down, so that the owners listening to the speech can take it and implement.
  4. The topic and key points should be interesting and eye-catching.
  5. The topic should not cross over with past topics.

Example of a good description of the topic and key points:

Cross-cutting analytics understandable to the owner. The whole business as in the palm of your hand and online.
  • About the real experience of implementing analytics for salons. Without technicalities, in clear language.
  • Give me a fulcrum and I'll turn the world upside down. Archimedes. Analytics as the salon owner's fulcrum.
  • I know I'm wasting half my money, but I don't know which half.
  • Only 1% of salons in the market have proper money-to-money analytics.
  • How to digitize your business in 3 months. Everything is available online at the link and updated once a day.
  • Optimal solutions: a bundle of call tracking, CRM and MIS. The most popular implementations that salons encounter.
  • Market cost of end-to-end analytics. Implementation timeframe, risks.
  • Why analytics and what data to collect and how to interpret it correctly.
  • Real stories about the benefits of analytics: finding problems and solutions, scaling success.
Recommendations for preparing the presentation.
Presentation format: We recommend PDF format, but Powerpoint formats with ppt and pptx extension are also possible.

The font should be at least 18 pins.

Presentation pages:
  • 1 page: Title of the topic
  • Pre-presentation last page: Description of supplementary material. Checklist, table or template. What to use it for and how to use it and why it will be useful
  • Penultimate page (Not required, but desirable): Movies and books you recommend reading and reviewing on salon business/motivation to dig deeper into the topic. For those with a general topic: Movies and books you simply recommend.
  • Last page: Your contacts/social networks.
Note: The point of a speech and presentation is to give useful information, and guests will definitely take that into account and subscribe to you/order your services. If the presentation is a story mostly about your merits - it will not be interesting and there will be no return:( Let's make it interesting together:))

Attention: It is forbidden to advertise any other courses. If participants are interested, they will ask you about it in personal communication.
Additional materials
Also at the conference, our speakers provide additional materials for quick implementation of everything they talk about or just on your specifics.

These can be tables, document templates, checklists, media plans, some other documents.
Please consider what you can provide as additional materials from you.
Materials should be sent before the event. We will embed links to them in the program itself.
The speakers at our events were
(beauty salons):
  • Igor Stoyanov
    Founder and owner of the largest chain of image laboratories PERSONA. Experience of opening more than 100 beauty salons in different regions of Russia.
  • Alexei Lokontsev
    Owner of TOPGUN, Russia's largest chain of men's hairdressing salons.
  • Alexei Bratslavsky
    Co-owner and CEO of Beauty Point.
  • Inna Ilyina
    Founder and owner of the WHITE FOX chain of premium beauty salons.
  • Tatiana Shutova
    The founder of the largest franchise chain of manicure and pedicure studios 4hands - top of rating of RBC.
  • Eduard Faldgaier
    Director of franchising of Guinot Group (the N°1 brand in Europe in professional cosmetology). Under Edouard's leadership, 340 beauty salons have been opened in France, as well as 45 salons in 20 countries worldwide.
  • Belkina Marina
  • Alexei Yermilov
    Co-owner of the Chop-Chop chain of men's barbershops - 87 barbershops in 67 cities around the world.

+ more than 200 other business owners


JW Marriott Hotel Marina*****, 66 Al Marsa St - Dubai Marina - Dubai

See you at Dubai Salonweek 2024!
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