Dubai SalonWeek

Dubai SalonWeek

Friends referral program for SalonWeek

Conference on the development of beauty salons in 2024

November 2024 | Dubai
Friends referral program for SalonWeek
We have created a reward system for our friends where your connections turn into money, benefiting everyone.
  • It's comfortable

    Sign up and start benefiting immediately. You are already working in the beauty industry. There is nothing easier than telling others about our services!
  • It's simple
    We will provide all the necessary materials to make it as easy as possible for you to share information and talk about the project.
  • It's fair for everyone.
    We often pay large advertising companies and services for each application. Why do that when we can pay our own people for the same thing? Plus, your followers will receive an additional discount.

How to participate in the Salon Week referral program?

If you work in the beauty business and/or have your own audience, this is a great opportunity for mutually beneficial cooperation.
  • 1
    Register your personal promo code.
    We will create your personal promo code, which can be entered at checkout on the website. Additionally, within 7 days after registration, you will receive a personal link where you can track all payments made with your promo code in real time.
  • 2
    Tell us about the event and our projects on your social networks.
    Your followers will be grateful to you as they will receive a 5% discount using your promo code.
  • 3
    Share in personal conversations with potential participants and sponsors.
    Talk about our event, share your promo code, or collect contacts from sponsors and pass them on to us, and our managers will take care of the rest.
  • 4
    Get paid
    Payments for tickets are made monthly on the 10th of the following month. Payments for sponsors are made 15 days before the events.

What can you get an referral payment for?

  • 1
    For attracting participants to our conferences
    Tell your friends, colleagues, and acquaintances about our event, and share it on social media. It's beneficial for everyone: your friends/colleagues get a 5% discount, and you receive a 10% bonus from the total amount*.
  • 2
    Attracting investors to our projects
    We plan to take our conferences around the world and have already successfully done so in Dubai. We are attracting investments for this and various other projects. Earn rewards for attracting investments or get your own discount.
  • 3
    For attracting sponsors to the event
    Do you have interesting partners you work with? Tell them about the event where they can find clients from all over Russia and beyond, and earn 10%. Or simply tell them about us and give their contact information to our manager. In this case, the payment will be 5%*

    See more details on sponsorship opportunities: Dubai.
  • 4
    Attracting investors to interesting projects around the world
    Due to the nature of our business, we will soon launch an investment program for exciting projects around the world that have already shown results but need investment to grow. Receive a discount or earn rewards for attracting investments.
*When paying on the event website using your promo code or when a contact is provided to our manager before payment. The payout percentage is calculated from the amount received in the account, minus payment system fees and taxes.
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