SalonWeek 2024
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Sponsors of the Conference

  • La Biosthétique is a professional premium brand for the salon business! Life and beauty, bio and aesthetics - a combination of natural ingredients, the latest research, and a passion for beauty that has always defined the philosophy of this brand!

    Paris, the beauty capital of the world, is where La Biosthétique is headquartered.
    La Biosthetique combines luxurious Parisian service with German technology and impeccable quality to create the most effective and sophisticated products. Total Beauty brand concept -
    includes an exclusive hair and scalp care system, modern and safe dyes, styling, cosmeceuticals for face, body, and make-Up.
  • Inspira Cosmetics - modern high-quality and environmentally friendly premium cosmetic products made in Germany and Switzerland - visibly improve the appearance and condition of skin of any age.

    Inspira cosmetics offers beauty salons, spa centres, and beauty clinics, powerful innovative anti-age products for professional and home care.
    The entire range is developed by taking into account the latest scientific achievements with the maximum concentration of natural active ingredients and biotechnological complexes!
    Brand motto: maximum effect!
  • I am Donatella Colangelo, the founder of SETICREI. SETICREI in english means that anyone can create themselves by beginning from the awareness of the use of their beauty routine. I would like to teach everyone to listen to their skin every time they use a product, because our skin always tells us if the product is correct for us or not.
  • Guinot
    Guinot is a leader in the field of professional skin care thanks to its innovative methods.

    Guinot's mission is to preserve the youthfulness and beauty of the skin.
    Guinot is not only a high quality of innovative products, manual and instrumental facial and body care procedures, but also a proven 10-year business model - Guinot franchise, which has thought out every detail.
    DOCTOR BABOR is an effective last generation cosmeceutical. Highly precise care for solving any aesthetic skin problem. It is recommended for preoperative preparation and postoperative skin rehabilitation. Eight series to solve all skin problems.
  • Advanced Nutrition Programme™
    Advanced Nutrition Program™ is a professional line of premium bioactive complexes to maintain the beauty and health of the skin from the inside. The product line was developed by the International Institute of Anti-Aging in the UK specifically for cosmetologists. The line is an innovative and effective approach in nutraceuticals to maintain youthful skin and solve major cosmetic problems.
Partners of the Conference
  • L'ALGA Ocean Technology
    L'ALGA Ocean Technology is an innovative line of professional cosmetics for restoration and care of different types of hair and scalp.

    Inspired by the unique natural properties of seaweed, L'ALGA experts developed an exclusive complex AlgaNord5 - a symbiosis of advanced technology and centuries-old traditions. AlgaNord5 seaweed is hand harvested and processed by innovative biotechnological methods.
  • Heliabrine
    Elit Service Cosmetics presents the professional cosmetics brand HELIABRINE® - one of the largest Professional Cosmetic Houses in Europe, belonging to the group of pharmaceutical laboratories ASEPTA, founded in the Principality of Monaco in 1941.

    HELIABRINE® products contain no parabens, are created using the latest biotechnology, proprietary formulas and plant extracts. All products of the brand undergo multi-step quality control and comply with the latest changes in European legislation in the field of dermatocosmetology.
  • ONIQ
    A brand of premium materials for manicures, pedicures and creating perfect eyebrows. We meet the needs of beauty salons - from purchasing assistance and a personal manager to social media and brand development. When expert opinion, quality product and loyalty are needed, ONIQ is the best choice.
    German brand KLAPP - for almost 40 years has been a recognized leader in the market of professional cosmetology and SPA & WELLNESS industry, creating a reliable and comfortable tool to realize your professional potential. The quality of the product is ensured by the reputation of the founder Gerhard Klapp, patented developments and our own production in environmentally friendly areas of Germany.
  • ORLY
    The legendary ORLY brand is an innovator in the field of professional nail coatings as well as hand and foot care products. ORLY founder Jeff Pink created a revolutionary manicure look - French and a collection of special nail polishes for it. French is still one of the most popular nail designs in the world.

    ORLY is a combination of classics and innovation, fidelity to tradition and use of new technologies.

    One of the latest innovations from ORLY - modeling gel Builder in a Bottle allows you to make express extension in 40 minutes, creating a natural look of the nails.
  • Neonail
    For 11 years the leading European brand Neonail Professional has been revolutionizing the nail industry. In its own laboratories, the most popular hypoallergenic materials for nail specialists are developed and rigorous testing is carried out to ensure the high quality and safety of the products.
  • DEMI
    DEMI is a Japanese brand of professional cosmetics for hair and scalp, which is produced using the latest nanotechnology. The products are developed based on a deeply scientific approach to the structure and health of the hair. This is a smart Japanese cosmetics, which can work wonders, restoring and strengthening even badly damaged hair.
    Shugaring specialists fall in love with YUSKISS at first sight!

    Our most important advantage is our own production, so we can afford to provide a quality cosmetic line at tempting prices to professionals.
  • Mobile Charger
    Mobile Charger is a company that has been solving the problem of people everywhere with discharged gadgets for over 6 years.

    Manufacturer of universal chargers for all areas of business. With care for you and your customers, we charge gadgets and people.
  • proDECOR
    Event decorating and training services.
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